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Consumer Products and Craft Applications

Cell Phone Case

There are only a few industrial outlets for this type of 3D application, but they are worth mentioning. Their use is propelled by the growing popularity of personal 3D printers in the home. The proliferation of these personal devices has led to the creation of all kinds of objects, such as smart phones, lamp bases, door handles, and a multitude of other household items. Personal 3D printers can now be bought for under $500. Other people may opt for business services that offer 3D printing using a variety of materials (plastics, stainless steel, silver, brass, ceramics) and that deliver their finished products by mail.

3D printing has also debuted in the realm of the arts, where it gives voice to all sorts of creative endeavours, such as the production of clothing, musical instruments, trophies, monuments, and even mascot heads. It can also be used to make complex pieces of jewellery. Museums have shown interest in this technology to reproduce cultural objects or even create models of extinct animals.