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International benchmarking committee

Key priorities of discussions and actions

To position Québec in the field of additive manufacturing, it is important that researchers, businesses providing AM technology services and products, and companies with an interest in including additive manufacturing activities in their business plans and adopting AM have a sense of where the technology stands today in Canada and abroad. The committee’s goal is to develop a common body of knowledge about recent discoveries, technological solutions, and technology advancements.

The committee will identify networks and information by consulting the scientific and legal literature, product and service businesses, and 3D-printing corporate clients. In particular it will study the aerospace and medical industries, as well as design, materials, printing, and other equipment.

Using the benchmarking process, the committee will denote the reference points and performance indicators needed to promote the adoption and utilization of additive manufacturing. These actions will solidify Québec’s position in the additive manufacturing industry and reveal its competitive advantages to businesses.

Members of the committee

  • Eric Lavoie (coordinator), Institut de Recherche HQ (IREQ)
  • Alexandre Bois-Brochu, CMQ, ing. jr
  • Louis Brassard, MEIE
  • Jean-Philippe Carmona, Caboma, co-fond. dir. opér.
  • Cyrille Chanal, Fusia, PDG
  • Arnaud Divialle, HÉROUX-DEVTEK, chef d’équipe R-T
  • Sylvie Doré, ÉTS, prof. génie mécan.
  • Martin Joncas, MEIE
  • Vincent Trépanier, 3DPRO, dir. ventes