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Value chain creation committee

Key priorities of discussions and actions

This committee will initially be tasked with describing the value chain by identifying the various part production steps in the additive manufacturing process—from service and product conception to delivery. Products are transformed in stages, i.e., via a process called the “value chain.” Moreover, successive product processing steps draw on various scientific, technological, and management sources—especially with regard to meeting legal standards and acquiring funding. These information sources can be critical to the successful implementation of business projects.

The following two phases are therefore envisaged:

  • Identify the steps and information sources involved in the additive manufacturing value chain.
  • Obtain findings required to create an additive manufacturing value chain.

The committee will develop a road map laying out the various additive manufacturing steps involved in taking a product from design to delivery. In addition, research will be required to position the services and products offered in relation to Québec’s regions and cities.

Collectively these findings will provide a valuable management tool for evaluating existing and future processing steps. Then begins the process of creating the additive manufacturing value chain for Québec companies.

Members of the committee

  • Julie Paquin (coordinator), PRO-GESTION, prés.
  • Jean-François Audy, UQTR, prof. École gestion
  • Benoit Balmana, Prima Québec, dir. général
  • Richard Bruno, BIC Corp. prés.
  • Hugo Contant, Groupe A & A, prototypage
  • Gabriel Doré, HEC, étudiant à la maîtrise
  • Mathieu Fagnan, Pratt & Whitney Canada, coor. proj tech.
  • Loick-Alexandre Gauthier, Prima Québec, cons. tech et innovation
  • Nicolas Giguère, CMQ, dir. alliages avancés
  • Steve Nadeau, Moulexpert, dir. général
  • Sylvain Poirier, INEDI Design ind.
  • Luis Antonio De Santa-Eulalia, prof., Université de Sherbrooke