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Bureau de normalisation du Québec

Logo du BNQBureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ), a branch of CRIQ (Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec), is tasked with performing all standardization and certification activities.

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) tasked BNQ with setting up and leading the SCC mirror committee to develop and defend Canadian positions on various issues relating to developing international standards for additive manufacturing by the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO/TC 261 committee.


A flurry of additive-manufacturing activity has shown the need for standards, including terms and definitions, process chains (materials and software), testing procedures, quality parameters for raw materials and finished products, and other basic elements.

Additive manufacturing will revolutionize the industry by turning the very principles of design on their head: unlike technologies that involve removing metal, additive manufacturing leaves behind no shavings and makes the best use of raw materials. Defined as “the collection of procedures used to manufacture, layer by layer, by adding a material, a physical object from a digital object,” additive manufacturing can already be found in most leading industrial applications.